National Child Measurement Programme

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a government-mandated programme, that measures the height and weight of over one-million children aged 4-5 and 10-11 years each year in primary schools in England. The NCMP is an excellent source of surveillance data which helps to increase understanding of the patterns and trends in underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity among the child population.

Taking part in the programme

Before the programme starts each school year, the East Riding of Yorkshire local authority writes to parents and carers of all children eligible for measurement to inform them of the programme. You will receive this letter via your child’s school so please look out for it in their book bags.

Parents or carers can choose to withdraw their child from the process by responding to the letter.

On the day, our trained staff will weigh your child and measure their height whilst they are in their clothes at school. They’ll make sure the measurements are done sensitively and in private, and your child’s results will not be shared with them, their teachers or other children.

Why is it important that my child is measured?

Every child who is measured is contributing to the national picture about how children are growing.
The more children who take part, the clearer that picture will be. The information collected helps your local NHS plan and provide better health services for the children in your area.

After your child has been weighed and measured

You will receive a letter within six weeks of your child being seen in school. The letter will tell you which weight category your child is in: underweight; healthy weight; overweight or very overweight. If your child is underweight or overweight, you can get support from your Health Visitor, Children Centre or GP.

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