Our experienced Healthcare Support Workers deliver the National Child Measurement Programme in every local authority/academy primary school within the East Riding of Yorkshire, supported by one of the Clinical Team Leaders.

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the height and weight of over one-million children aged 4-5 and 10-11 years each year in primary schools in England. The NCMP is an excellent source of surveillance data which helps increase understanding of the patterns and trends in underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity among the child population.

Parents or carers can choose to withdraw their child from the process by responding to the NCMP consent letter, which will be sent prior to our visit to the school.

On the day, our trained health care support workers weigh your child and measure their height while they are in their clothes at school. They will make sure the measurements are done sensitively and in private, and your child's results will not be shared with them, their teachers or other children.

Our health care support workers are also often involved in health promotion within the primary school settings, for example delivering education regarding handwashing and healthy eating.

Making Every Contact Count

Every member of our team use the MECC ‘Making Every Contact Count’ approach when working alongside parents to be, children and families. Using this approach ensures that we maximise the collective support we can provide within the local region. Our aim is to fully utilise the multitude of day to day interactions that we have with parents to be, children and families to support positive changes to physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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