ISPHN Electronic Health Needs Assessment (eHNA)

“Development of a whole school health profile in partnership with other professionals is part of a school nurse’s role.”

(Royal College of Nursing, 2019)

Assessing school population health is an important part of the School Nurse role. It enables the service to work in collaboration with schools to address pupil’s needs and improve their health.

We have recently developed the eHNA, which is an online Health Needs Assessment to help us collect important health data and profile each school as an individual population. The aim of the eHNA is to make it easier for school staff to engage with this important process. Shortly, you will be contacted by one of our School Nurses, or Public Health Nurses to arrange a time to visit your school and support you in completing the eHNA. We recommend that it is completed in collaboration with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, School SENCO or an appropriate person designated by the school.

Once we have had the opportunity to collate the data from each school, we will then share this as an ‘All Secondary School Report’ or ‘All Primary School Report’ to every participating school.

This data is used to plan and inform our service delivery. Once we have your data the School Nurse or Public Health Nurse will agree a personalised action plan to help address your schools individual health needs.

This data will also be shared with our local authority commissioners to shape future service development and health initiatives. These reports may be useful to schools to achieve OFSTED requirements and inform your PHSE curriculum.

In addition we have also devised a short survey targeting Year Seven pupils. The survey is anonymous and does not ask confidential or personal data from pupils. It is quick and easily to complete and can therefore be completed by pupils as part of form time or as part of ICT lessons. It is designed to give us a snapshot of the year groups health needs and also capture pupils’ voices to add to our eHNA data. Our Nurses will be happy to tell you more about this on their visit to your school.

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