What support is available for me?

1-1 Support for breastfeeding

Our Midwives, ISPHNS (health visitors, nursery nurses and public health nurses) and Children's Centre staff are here to help you get breastfeeding off to a good start. We can give you lots of information and support when you need it.

You can contact your midwife, ISPHNS Children’s Centre between your usual appointments if you need to speak to someone.

You could also go to your local baby clinic to see a health visitor face to face. Contact your ISPHN Health Visitor to book an appointment.



Your midwife can support you during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. Your Midwife can answer any questions you may have and direct you to additional sources of information and support. Maternity services also offer specialist breastfeeding support often delivered by IBCLC’s. Please ask your midwife for more information and support with feeding.

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Your ISPHNS (Health Visitor) will contact you antenatally. They will offer you information and support on feeding and caring for your baby. The ISPHNS also offer an IBCLC free specialist lactation consultant service. You can find more information on this service below and in the Meet the Team section.

You can contact the ISPHN Service here.

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Support Groups

Your local Children’s centres will contact you antenatally. Children’s Centres are available to offer you individual support with feeding and caring for your baby. They offer a variety of sessions for you and your baby including Infant Massage and the Breastfeeding cafes listed below.

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Contact us for breastfeeding support

If you would like more information or would like some support with Breastfeeding please contact us via the telephone number or email address below, alternatively you can get in touch via one of our regional Children’s Centres.

If you are contacting us outside of working hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) please leave a message and one of the team will get back to you.

ISPHNS - 01482 689689 / hnf-tr.isphnspoc@nhs.net