Specialist breastfeeding support

Some women and their babies may need more intensive or specialist breastfeeding support. The Midwifery and ISPHN services both provide free specialist breastfeeding support.

If you are continuing to experience problems with breastfeeding for example weight loss, slow weight gain, or low milk supply your midwife or health visitor may refer you, or you can ask to be referred, to the appropriate lactation consultant service



Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provides a free specialist service delivered by the Infant Feeding Coordinators, who are both qualified Midwives and IBCLC's, working within the Specialist Midwives team.

The service can provide support in the antenatal period with advice around medications and breastfeeding, antenatal expression of colostrum and following referral regarding any issues identified by your ​community midwife. In the postnatal period the service can offer support with unresolved issues such as on going soreness, weight loss and reduced milk supply etc.

The IBCLC's also provide a Midwifery led tongue tie service, for the review and treatment of tongue tie for babies up to six weeks.  Referrals for all services can be made via your Midwife, Health visitor or GP, by phoning the Postnatal ward on 01482 605383 or Community Office 01482382658.

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides free breastfeeding support from our specialist midwives and IBCLC qualified Midwives. Contact your midwife or health visitor for more information.

Health Visitor (ISPHNS)

ISPHNS - One2One, your health visitor can refer you to the specialist service. You might be seen by one of our specialist infant feeding leads or a qualified IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Lactation consultants are highly trained, qualified specialists who can support mothers with complex breastfeeding issues such as prematurity, twins and multiples, unwell babies and those with additional needs, slow weight gain, low milk supply and more.

If you are breastfeeding and would like additional support, please contact the single point of contact SPoC on 01482 689689 / hnf-tr.isphnspoc@nhs.net where one of our friendly professionals will be able to help you get the support you need.