The East Riding of Yorkshire Infant Feeding Service is delivered by maternity, integrated public health nursing (ISPHNS) and children's centre services. The Infant Feeding Service is hear to provide you with information and support on feeding and caring for your baby throughout pregnancy, birth and throughout your child's first formative years.

All of the maternity services which cover the East Riding, along with ISPHNS and ERYC Children's Centre services are accredited as UNICEF Baby Friendly.

You can find out more about Baby Friendly Initiative here.

Humber ISPHNS and East Riding Children's Centres are proud to have been the first Integrated Service to be accreditied as BFI Gold in March 2019. Read more here.

This means that the information and support you will receive is delivered by trained, experienced staff and meets the highest standards of care as assessed by UNICEF Baby Friendly over a number of years and assessments.

Meet the team

How do I know if breastfeeding is going well?

When you first start breastfeeding, you may wonder if your baby is getting enough milk. Breastfeeding is a new skill that you and your baby will learn together. It may take a little time before you feel confident with feeding, but the great news is that there is lots of support to help you on your feeding journey.

Here are some links to useful information to help identify if breastfeeding is going well:

View UNICEF's checklist 'How can I tell if breastfeeding is going well'.

View our 'Is Feeding going well' infographic here.

Watch the Unicef 'Positioning and Attachment' video here.

View the 'Off to the best start leaflet' here.

What support is available for me?

1-1 Support for breastfeeding - Our Midwives, health visitors and Children's Centre staff are here to help you get breastfeeding off to a good start. We can give you lots of information and support when you need it.

You can contact your midwife or health visitor between your usual appointments if you need to speak to someone.

You could also go to your local baby clinic to see a health visitor face to face. Contact your ISPHN Health Visitor to book an appointment.

Midwife - Your midwife can support you during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. Your Midwife can answer any questions you may have and direct you to additional sources of information and support. Please ask your midwife for more information and support with feeding.

ISPHNS - Your ISPHNS (Health Visitor) will contact you antenatally. They will offer you information and support on feeding and caring for your baby. The IBCLC free specialist lactation consultant service is delivered by the ISPHN service. You can find more information on this service below and in the Meet the Team section. You can contact the ISPHN Service here.

Children's Centres - Children’s centres are able to offer you individual support with feeding and caring for your baby. They offer a variety of sessions for you and your baby including the  Breastfeeding cafes listed below. Learn more: https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/living/children-and-families/childrens-centres/

Breastfeeding groups, drop-ins and cafes - If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, why not come along to one of our breastfeeding groups.

Breastfeeding drop-ins, cafes and centres are all great places to make new friends and share the ups and downs of looking after a baby.

The groups are informal and you can just drop-in. You can get support before you have your baby too. Partners and birthing partners are also welcome to attend.

East Riding Children's Centres and Breastfeeding groups

Please find below a list of all East Riding of Yorkshire Children's Centres along with the day and time of the Breastfeeding support groups.

The groups are informal and you can just drop-in. You can get support before you have your baby too. Partners and birthing partners are also welcome to attend.

You'll be able to meet your Infant Feeding Worker and other families to share experiences or concerns, as well as gain confidence in feeding out and about.

Anlaby Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 565560

Beeford Children's Centre

Tel: 01262 481699

Beverley Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 880066
Thursday 10am - 11am

Beverley Baby Bistro

Tel: 07580 741839 (available fortnightly, term time only)

Bridlington Children's Centre

Butts Close
01262 409596
Wednesday 10am-11am

Bridlington Family Centre (Hilderthorpe)

Tel: 01482 395470

Brough Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 669474
Wednesday 10am - 11am

Cottingham Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 845636
Tuesday 10.30am - 11.30am

Driffield Children's Centre

Tel: 01377 240782
Wednesday 11:30am - 12:30pm

Goole Children's Centre Kingsway

Tel: 01405 761287
Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30pm

Goole Children's Centre Marshlands

Tel: 01405 762614

Hedon Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 899962
Thursday 10.30am - 11.30am

Hessle Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 629085

Hornsea Children's Centre

Tel: 01482 537160
Friday 10.30-11.30am

Market Weighton

Tel: 01430 874090
Tuesday 1pm - 2pm


Tel: 01759 307154
Friday 10am - 11am


Tel: 01964 612618
Tuesday 10am - 11am

Antenatal - before the birth of your baby

Before the birth of your baby you will have a number of appointments with your midwife where you will have the opportunity to discuss feeding your baby along with a variety of other topics.

The ISPHN service offers parents a antenatal contact and or home visit to help you prepare for early parenthood as well as provide information about feeding your baby and the support available with feeding after the birth.

You will also receive a call from your local children's centre to invite you to book onto ante-natal parent education and discuss any questions you have around feeding, caring for and developing a close and loving relationship with your baby.

Ante-natal parent education

Antenatal Parent Education in the East Riding of Yorkshire is delivered jointly by Children's Centres, Midwifes and ISPHNS Health Visitors.

The sessions contain a variety of information including labour and birth, caring for your new baby and yourselves as new parents, and also includes a session on infant feeding.

You will find the details about what is available in your area and how to book below.

If you are registered with an East Riding GP and are delivering your baby At Hull Women's & Children's Hospital book here: https://www.hey.nhs.uk/maternity/book-antenatal-classes/

If you are delivering your baby at York, Scarbrough or North East Lincs and Goole hospitals please ask your midwife for details of the current ante-natal parent education offer and how to book your classes.

Specialist breastfeeding support

Some women and their babies may need more intensive or specialist breastfeeding support. The ISPHN service provides a free specialist breastfeeding service - One2One, your health visitor can refer you to the specialist service.

You might be seen by one of our specialist infant feeding leads or a qualified IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Lactation consultants are highly trained, qualified specialists who can support mothers with complex breastfeeding issues such as prematurity, twins and multiples, unwell babies and those with additional needs, slow weight gain, low milk supply and more.

If you are breastfeeding and would like additional support, please contact the single point of contact SPoC  on 01482 689689 where one of our friendly professionals will be able to help you get the support you need.

Breastfeeding helplines and websites

It’s always helpful to talk to other women who are breastfeeding for support and advice..

Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend Chatbot on Facebook– If you have any breastfeeding questions you can get 24/7 information and advice from Start4Life’s Breastfeeding Friend chatbot (via Facebook Messenger) (Facebook, 2019).

webchat serviceis available from the Breastfeeding Network.

La Leche League UK: 0345 120 2918 https://www.laleche.org.uk/get-support/

The Breastfeeding Network https://www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk/

The Breastfeeding Network supporter line in Bengali and Sylheti: 0300 456 2421

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: 0300 330 5453 https://abm.me.uk/

National Childbirth Trust (NCT): 0300 330 0700 https://www.nct.org.uk/