Antenatal - before the birth of your baby

It's good to find out as much as you can about breastfeeding before you have your baby. It may help you feel more confident when you start breastfeeding your baby.

Before the birth of your baby you will have a number of appointments with your midwife where you will have the opportunity to discuss feeding your baby along with a variety of other topics.

The ISPHN service offers parents a antenatal contact and or home visit to help you prepare for early parenthood as well as provide information about feeding your baby and the support available with feeding after the birth.

You will also receive a call from your local children's centre to invite you to book onto ante-natal parent education and discuss any questions you have around feeding, caring for and developing a close and loving relationship with your baby.

Antenatal Parent Education

Antenatal Parent Education in the East Riding of Yorkshire is delivered jointly by Children's Centres, Midwifes and ISPHNS Health Visitors.

The sessions contain a variety of information including labour and birth, caring for your new baby and yourselves as new parents, and also includes a session on infant feeding.

You will find the details about what is available in your area and how to book below.

If you are registered with an East Riding GP and are delivering your baby At Hull Women's & Children's Hospital book here: https://www.hey.nhs.uk/maternity/book-antenatal-classes/

If you are delivering your baby at York, Scarbrough or North East Lincs and Goole hospitals please ask your midwife for details of the current ante-natal parent education offer and how to book your classes.

Benefits of attending Antenatal Parent Education classes

The East Riding's Antenatal Parent Education programme offers all pregnant women, fathers and partners the opportunity to meet the key professionals who will support them during their pregnancy journey and beyond.

The classes are a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to gain knowledge about labour and delivery, relationship changes, wellbeing of mum, dad and partners following the birth, infant feeding and key safety information when caring for your newborn. The classes also give you the chance to meet other parents-to-be who are at a similar stage in their journey to yourselves. The classes are free to attend, informal and you can be reassured you are receiving the most up to date information from trusted East Riding professionals.